April 14, 2005

Taming of the shrewd inquirer

The Tyrant Blair (moto "if it ain't broke, we'll soon change that") continues his war on Civil Liberties, this time attacking public inquiries, such as the Hutton Inquiry that coursed so much embarisment for revealing the truth. The Inquiries Act 2005 has given ministers the power to wind up any inquiry whenever they feel like it, for whatever reason they feel like (such as it is producing evidence that could be embarrasing for the Tyrant Blair), or change the terms of reference whenever they feel like if they do not sufficiently railroad the judge into giving whatever answer Blair has chosen.

They had time to do this, but not to do anything about the postal voting fraud that has turned our democracy into something that would disgrace a banana republic. Oh, but I forgot the possiblity of unlimited voting fraud by Labour Party members means that Blair will get in next time with the same massive majority so it is of course a good thing.


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